On Parking Garage

Today, Carleton Unversity’s President Runte sent the entire campus a poem titled ‘On Carleton Quad’ (below).

Here’s an alternative version.


On Parking Garage

Constructing over foundational tracks

A pale concrete stall

Foreshadows the last, or perhaps first of many,

Skyscraper box of poor decisions

Tuition fees rocket upward fast,

Students quite demandingly seek better ways today

And in Tory from the fifth I gaze.

Park and pay. Your future.

Perhaps only in my dreams.


On Carleton Quad

Dissolving in a glimmering haze
A pale winter’s sun
Illumines the last, or perhaps penultimate,
Crystalline breath of snowy surrender
Tumbling in a suspension of slow,
Flashing desultorily just beyond the panes
And pages over which earnest faces pore.
Exams approach. Spring hovers.
Perhaps only in a dream

Roseann O’Reilly Runte
Carleton University