“I almost didn’t recognize you – you look so normal today!”

“He used to be, like, so undergrad.”

“You are an undergrad.”
“Oh, I know.”

“All the schools in Manitoba… 125?  No, that seems like too many.”

“I’m a professor, but I’m actually a performing seal.”

“I have that t-shirt.  No, I really do have that t-shirt.”

“That’s me at the largest Coke can in the world.”
“I don’t know if there’s anything else to say!”

“You’ve got to keep yourself under control!”

“Do you feel like we’re requiring you to be a cute little dancing seal!?”

“My next course will be critical decolonization… with dancing!” *dances*

“I’ll do weekend dancing if you know what I mean.”
“We don’t know what you mean!”
“Where do they put the loonies?”


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