A “bitch” for Robert Fowler

According to former diplomat Robert Fowler: “The civic and political literacy of young Canadians is appallingly low,” the former Canadian ambassador to the United Nations told a group of University of Ottawa graduates Sunday. “Your age group’s involvement in the political process, at all levels of government, stretches any reasonable definition of apathy.”

How interesting it is that suddenly young Canadians are at fault for the state of the nation. Fowler seems to be of the mind that politics and politicians are engaging young people and that therefore young people should be paying attention.

The lack of understanding demonstrated by Grandpa Fowler’s comment is astounding. If politicians and political parties actually had policies that were aimed at young people they might be more engaged. Imagine if politicians and political parties offered strong and progressive policies on post-secondary education, or laws and policies that reflected young Canadian’s views on net-neutrality laws and copyright reform…

Young Canadians have every right to “bitch.” Their views and contributions are being ignored and ignorant old people like Robert Fowler seem to think they know better.

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