Words of wisdom overheard in class

“If you put not in front of it and it sounds ridiculous it’s not a strategy.” – in response to Carleton’s new commitment to focus on “excellence”.

“Repetition is an effective pedagogical tool.” – truth

“What is the difference between Canada and yoghurt? Yoghurt has active culture.”

“What are the only two books in the Old Testament that describe Canada? Lamentations and Exodus.” – Canadian joke ca. 1890s.

Canadians are “outnumbered by trees and unable to lick them” (intro to The Peaceable Kingdom)

“Red Tory sounds like a mixed drink.



One thought on “Words of wisdom overheard in class

  1. Totally stealing “Red Tory sounds like a mixed drink” for the core seminar discussion on Horowitz’s Red Tory article.

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