Canadian Strikes

Check out this BBC article:

“The truly militant country in the Western world is Canada – nice, reasonable Canada.”

– AM


Hello world!

Welcome to CanStud! The creators of this page hope it will become a community forum where Canadian Studies Grad students at Carleton can discuss current events, interesting topics from class and what they plan on wearing to the Halloween party on Friday. we hope to use this page as a way to foster dialogue between visits to Mike’s Place. Topics should be Canadian if necessary, but not necessarily Canadian.

A quick note on etiquette:

Vulgarity is discouraged, as is irrelevancy. Keep it scholarly folks. Or at least polite.

Posting in French is encouraged, in which case the vulgarity rule is lifted.

Can’t wait to hear from all of you!

Amanda, Emily and Kelly

Words of wisdom overheard in class

“If you put not in front of it and it sounds ridiculous it’s not a strategy.” – in response to Carleton’s new commitment to focus on “excellence”.

“Repetition is an effective pedagogical tool.” – truth

“What is the difference between Canada and yoghurt? Yoghurt has active culture.”

“What are the only two books in the Old Testament that describe Canada? Lamentations and Exodus.” – Canadian joke ca. 1890s.

Canadians are “outnumbered by trees and unable to lick them” (intro to The Peaceable Kingdom)

“Red Tory sounds like a mixed drink.